Club Administration Director

Duties of the Club Service (Administration) Director

Club Service is responsible for the day-to-day running of the club. The Club Service Director is the “Keeper of the House”. He is responsible for:

  • Allocation of Duties at the weekly meetings. This Director is the convenor of the meeting. He/she will liaise with the venue – ensure that members are aware of their duties when rostered on for a task.
  • Setting-Up Roster. Ensure that the tables, Club charter, flags & banners, gong , lectern, microphone etc are in place.
  • Fellowship. Welcome visitors and ensure that they are not left standing alone. Also ensure that new members are in the company of experienced Rotarians.
  • Sgt-at-Arms/Corporal. Oversee setting-up for meeting and call meeting to order. When required, present inductee to Club president. Conduct fine session with Corporal. Keep control of meeting & ensure that it finishes on time. Request members to stand when speaking.
  • Guest Speaker. Ensure that he/she is looked after on arrival by the person introducing him/her.
  • Venue. Notify venue if place of meeting is changed
  • Bulletin. Ensure a good balance of Rotary information, club news and activities. Details of Club Program and Guest Speaker topics are essential.
  • Historian. Keeps a record of Club activities and projects.
  • Program. Interesting and informative speakers are most important. Speakers should be informed of the Club meeting time and the time allocated for their Presentation.
  • Public Relations. Regular contact with local media is most important. When possible present a written story plus pictures to the media.
  • Rotary Information. Arrange to have regular Rotary information at meetings.
  • District Conference Coordinator. He/she will encourage members to attend the District Conference & will coordinate registration forms.
  • Welfare Officer. Will contact sick members & advise bulletin editor of member’s progress.
  • Club Property Officer. Is responsible for all club property including goods in storage.
  • Web Manager. Will ensure that our Club website is kept  up-to-date with all changes and additions.
  • The Insurance & Risk Management officer, the Child Protection officer  & the Public officer are all responsible to the Club Service director.