Volume 50 Issue 36 12th March 2019

Volume 50 Issue 36 12th March 2019

Weekly Bulletin

President’s Report

This weeks meeting turned out to be a good chance for members to hear from one of our valued members Alan Priest with a very interesting “3 Minute talk”. Alan informed us of how his father gave him a inspiring example of the trials one may face in life telling us of his father’s war experiences and how his tenacity to survive was portrayed.

Alan with his usual ‘dry sense of humour’ told us a little of his own history as to how he became School Captain, his great love of sport majoring in football and rowing. I am sure there a lot more details he could inform us on about these ventures but had limited time. Lucky for him!!!!

Richard Symonds also gave us an informative report of how the Lightening Ridge Community have raised over $90,000 from gathering Bottles and Cans as a fund raiser for the community which is a great effort. Being an ex farmer from that area Richard was proud that they could distribute this money to the Flying Doctor. Gives us all hope that our wonderful band of members who have put such an effort into raising funds for our club with our own ‘Bottles and Cans ‘project is a very worthwhile project and to be commended to all those who work so hard. (Sorry Richard I didn’t get a photo of you to put in this Bulletin)

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