Volume 50 Issue 42 23rd April 2019

Volume 50 Issue 42 23rd April 2019

Weekly Bulletin

President’s Report

An enjoyable night as we travelled through India with the Group Friendship Exchange (GFE) portrayed in a very well presented presentation thanks to Noleen Hayward. The four Rotarians, Lou and Noeleen and Trevor and Joan Gilson explained their experiences. Watching on and re living some of the places visited was our Honorary member Shibu Sen Gupta whom I forgot to introduce formally and for this I apologise Shibu.

It was a pleasure to have visitors Corporate members Maxine and John Adams From MTA Mobile Travel Agents who helped arrange travel for our Rotarians Joan and Trevor Gilson. Maxine and John heard my call for items to put in our Raffle Baskets for the up and coming Black and White Concert which will be held on the 16th June and yesterday they left 6 bottles of “Bubbly’ at my home as a very grateful donation for this cause. Members please note I am gathering any

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