Volume 50 Issue 45 14th May 2019

Volume 50 Issue 45 14th May 2019

Weekly Bulletin

President’s Report

How fantastic to have another great photo of club members attending our Information Night. Many thanks to our proposed new member Brenda Sarno for taking such great photos on the night.

President Elect Jeff conducted the meeting and members were presented with new proposals that were put forward to implement for the new year starting in July. A good discussion from members on various points of the new proposals seemed to gain approval from the majority of members who attended and these with be taken to the Joint 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Board for approval.

Great work Jeff on conducting your first meeting to our club. The Iron Man Triathlon this year was well attended by 34 volunteers from our club and organisers of this event were really impressed at our participation. Well done President Elect Jeff for all his work in organising our rosters etc. The ‘Bottles and Cans’ Brigade did a wonderful job and managed to gather over 4000 cans and bottles. Great work Community Service Director Rick for organising this part of the event.

Our Oxley Beach project has commenced and it is amazing. Congratulations must be given to Alan Barber for his fantastic organisation of this project. Trying to stop this valuable member from working too hard is a major task for all members helping.

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