Volume 50 Issue 46 21st May 2019

Volume 50 Issue 46 21st May 2019

Weekly Bulletin

President’s Report

Great to have another night of fellowship with a good attendance of members.

Alan Barber updated us all on the fantastic work some of our members have achieved at our Oxley Beach project. Thanks to all who have helped out there are now 3 ½ completed shelters and only 2 ½ shelters to be completed to finish this project. This week we are waiting on supplies from Council to complete this project and as soon as they arrive Alan will notify all members who have offered to help finish this up.

Our Guest speaker for the evening was Linda Elbourne from Willing and Able. Linda gave us a brief history of how Willing and Able was formed and the progress they have made. This is wonderful, not-for-profit organisation that helps adults with intellectual disabilities by providing them with meaningful, paid employment. Linda noted that working within their seven business units her team provide opportunities to increase their skills, self-worth and independence.

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